Things You Can Do Besides SEO to Promote Your Online Business

Promotions are always necessary to get more visitors on your website because without that it wouldn’t make much sense to have a website in the first place. So businessmen take great pains to promote their online businesses with SEO activities but sometimes that may not be good enough so here are extra smart offline techniques to let people know of your business.

Create a Simple URL And Promote Everywhere

Online promotions are all the rage but offline promotions are in no way less in getting people’s attention. Create a simple URL that everyone can remember and then print it everywhere. Your official communications, letterheads, corporate papers and everything in between can proudly bear your company’s URL. If your office sends out corporate gifts, you can print out QR codes and use it on your gifts. This might seem old fashioned, but let us tell you - it works.

Company} Vehicles

Your company’s vehicles can be turned into great advertising tools. Mention your URL on the sides of the vehicle and wherever the vehicle goes you will have a moving billboard speaking about your website. It is an unconventional idea, but it’s effective nonetheless. It works because most people commuting have nothing better to do than sit and pass time. If you make things interesting enough there is a very good chance that someone sitting inside a cab or a car will fire up his mobile browser and check out your website.

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