KTM Duke 200 Is the Perfect City Commuter With an Attitude

 If someone approaches you and asks you to provide a similarity between oranges and bikes, your answer probable would be 'None'. However, if you are a biker your will have the answer ready in your mind which is KTM. KTM motorcycles are known to wear orange as attire and the Duke 200 is no exception. You can spot one easily whether it is on the move and zips past you in the city traffic or is silently parked among hundreds of bikes in some mall. Whatever it may be, one just can't ignore noticing it.

Then for whom is this bike made for? To answer this one must first ask a few questions before going forward. Are you a person for whom riding a bike just means getting from point A to point B? Are you a person for whom fuel economy is more important than looks and power? Are you a person who always rides along with a pillion?

If your answer to any one of the questions mentioned above is yes, then definitely the Duke is not made for you. The next obvious question is - then for whom is this bike really made? Well, it's made for everyone who enjoys riding and expects the bike to deliver lots of attitude along with ample power and precision handling. It's for someone who wants to get noticed each and every time he hits the road. Rest assured that you will get a second look from everyone.

So what makes the Duke so aggressive and still deliver as a great city commuter? Well the answer lies in its styling, design and world class equipment. Equipped with top quality upside-down front forks and meaty front and rear tires, this beast resembles an angry hornet when spotted head-on. Even though it's available in black and white colors, there is nothing that substitutes the traditional orange color. The equipment on board is not just for styling but actually delivers loads of information than one can ever expect. A fully computerized console that not only gives you information such as speed, mileage, distance to empty, miles to next service etc. but also includes twin trip-meters, multiple warning signs such as low fuel, side stand engaged and even a clock. These are features you are bound to get habituated to once you start riding it. Adding to it is the technologically advanced 200cc engine that pumps 25 bhp of pure power. Also, its trellis frame is so light that riding it in heavy traffic is a piece of cake. The short gear ratio offer better control in moving traffic and unleashes the power with precision whenever you need it. The front and rear disc brakes give you the confidence of being in control all the time. One can literally play with it whether you are on the highway or cornering sharp turns in city.

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