Dahlan Aims 3 Sugar Factory Earn Profit in 2013

Dahlan Aims 3 Sugar Factory Earn Profit in 2013

Minister of State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Dahlan Iskan check three Sugar Factory (PG) in Madiun district, Central Java. PG is claimed will be profitable for the state.

Therefore, former president director of PLN, Dahlan Iskan believed that in 2013, the sugar factory conditions will be much better and be proud of.

"Good hygiene, increased performance and profits, as well as any motto ProAKSI the PG set Productive, Amanah, quality, Sympathy, Innovative," said Dahlan as presented by the Head of Public Relations of the Ministry of Enterprise, Faisal Halimi told Okezone, Jakarta, Selas (7 / 5/2013).

Not only that, according to Dahlan, in the hands of the employees are developed and bounce PG and PG are born again become profitable. The revival of the capital PG, namely because the same employees, the same is not to replace the engine with a new engine.

The first PG, PG rejo the Supreme Madiun PT RNI. PG decades ago loss with very poor conditions. However, these conditions have changed now, because the Supreme rejo PG started to pick up again.

The strategy taken rejo Supreme PG makes no losers again for now, as to the arrangement of the plants clean start. Startlingly of this, the PG increased profits.

When compared to 2011 where the yield condition with a loss of 6.3 Rp 4 billion, and production capacity below 500 tons per year. Nevertheless, in 2012 to be 6.88 with a yield of PG Rp66 billion profit and production is to be 550 tons.

While second in Madiun PG, PG Namely Pagotan owned by PTPN XI. Where PG has 600 employees. PG Pagotan conditions in 2011, with a yield of 6.8 and a loss of 15 billion production 19 thousand tons per year. Meanwhile, in 2012 PG Pagotan managed to produce sugar as much as 29 thousand tons per year, with a yield of 7.62 and a profit to Rp18 billion.

While the third, as well as the last visit to PG Kanigoro built in 1894 PTPN XI. PG Kanigoro has 250 employees. Therefore, it is known that in 2011, the PG loss Rp13, 8 billion, with a 6.6 and a yield of sugar production as much as 7000 tons per year.

But in 2012 a yield of 7 with a total production of 10 thousand tons per year, and earn a profit of about Rp 25 million.

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